Traditional Sanni Mask- 100% Handmade


The traditional Sanni mask is a significant cultural artifact in Sri Lanka. These masks are used in various rituals and performances to ward off evil spirits and diseases. The term “Sanni” refers to malevolent spirits believed to cause illnesses and misfortune.

The Sanni masks are intricately crafted from wood and painted in vibrant colors.

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The Sanni masks are intricately crafted from wood and painted in vibrant colors. Each mask represents a specific demon or deity associated with a particular ailment or affliction. The masks typically feature exaggerated facial expressions, bulging eyes, sharp fangs, and grotesque features to symbolize the malevolent spirits they depict.

During rituals, performers don the Sanni masks and engage in elaborate dances and theatrical performances, accompanied by drumming and chanting. These rituals aim to invoke the spirits and drive away diseases or bring about healing and protection.

The Sanni mask tradition has been passed down through generations and holds great cultural and religious significance in Sri Lanka. They are often used in healing ceremonies and exorcisms, where the masks are believed to possess the power to communicate with the spirit world and offer protection against ailments.

Today, Sanni masks are not only used in traditional rituals but also valued as decorative art pieces and collectibles. They serve as a reminder of Sri Lanka’s rich cultural heritage and are often displayed in museums, galleries, and private collections around the world.



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